Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage or Nuad Boran was developed in Thailand over thousands of years blending elements of Massage, Yoga, Ayurveda, Metta (loving kindness) and Vipassana  Meditation. In its essence it is a complex blend of physical, energetic and spiritual healing. It has its root deeply nested in the Indian systems of Yoga and Buddhism and was handed down through the generations not just as a massage but as a spiritual and meditative practice.

Thai Massage is a form of bodywork which, at its highest level, combines a finely-tuned intuition with a thorough understanding of the bodymind. Traditional massage therapists practice in a wide variety of styles which involves static and dynamic massaging elements like rocking, stretching, holding and leaning bodyweight into various parts of the receivers’ body to improve vitality, blood circulation, flexibility, breathing, digestion, circulation and posture. It allows us to give and receive care, warmth and healing through non-invasive touch. Within our overly industrialized and technological society, we become more and more separated from direct personal communication and tactile human contact. Thai massage greatly facilitates a move towards more connection and co-operation, sending out a message of loving-kindness and compassion.

Jivaka Khumar Bacca, a contemporary of the Buddha and the physician of the sangha, is regarded to be the main inspiration of Thai massage and even today he is still respected and honored among Thais  as “father of medicine”. 
 Shivago Khumar Bacca