Energy pathways

Like other systems of traditional oriental medicine also Thai Massage makes use of a network of invisible channels which forms the subtle energy body of every human being. Thai Yoga massage  makes use of 10 major channels and they are called “sip sen”. Our vital energy – the prana or “lom pran” in Thai language – moves and circulates along these pathways. A blockage in any of these lines may impede the free flow of prana and lead to disharmony on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The whole purpose of Thai massage is to restore and encourage the free flow of energy throughout the body and mind.

These channels however cannot be seen by the physical eye nor can they be traced by mere technical skills or intellectual study of energy line charts alone. Only after years of diligent practice and attentive listening it is possible to sense its location and to positively influence the quality of vitality in the other person. Vitality is the basis of good health and reflects both the strength and harmony of energy circulation.

The Indian origins of Thai Yoga massage can be seen if we compare the three main lines used in Thai massage with their Indian equivalents, the nadis. The Thai energy line called Sen Itta and Sen Pingkhala would correspond with Ida and Pingala Nadi, Sen Sumana with Sushumna Nadi. Sushumna is the center of the wheel of life. During meditation the mind rests from its outer activity and is naturally drawn toward this central channel of energy. When the attention is well-anchored in Sen Sumana, on that balanced flow of energy, an experience of deep joy illuminates the mind.